Transformer Oil Level Indicator 3 01

Our oil level indicators 3 01 with vertical float movement display the oil level in hermetically sealed transformer tanks. They indicate if air bubbles have remained in the transformer, if gas has been generated because of an internal failure or if there is an oil leakage at the transformer tank. The indicating field has about 40 mm range.
The vertical oil level indicators 3 01 are mounted in the filling pipe on the transformer cover and is sealed with a gasket. It can be mounted on filling socket 1”. The body is made of brass CuZn40Pb2.
The vertical transformer oil level indicators 3 01 can be optionally designed for up to - 60 ° C. In order to determine the optimal float rod length for your requirements a formula is available in each data sheet.

Transformer oil level indicator 3 01 types

  • Oil level indicator 3 01 (G 1")
  • Oil level indicator 3 02 UDCU (G 1 ¼" internal thread)
  • Oil level indicator 3 11 (G 1 ¼")
  • Oil level indicator 3 21 (G 1 ½")
  • Oil level indicator 3 31 (G 2")

view dome - oil level indicator

  • Min./Max. marking (3 01 M)
  • Three red indicator panels (3 01)
  • Clear (3 01 K)
All transformer vertical oil level indicators 3 01 are available in three different versions.
The difference is in the view dome that can be ordered as above.
Please find data sheets for each type below.

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