Magnetic Oil Level Indicator 42569 for transformers

The magnetic oil level indicator in accordance with DIN 42569 is used for oil immersed transformers with expansion tank or reactors. They will be mounted onto the expansion tank. The transmission of  float movement is done with a magnetic clutch. This guarantees tightness up to 10 bar.  In case the view dome gets damaged, no oil can leak neither ambient air can enter unintentionally.

The magnetic oil level indicator according to DIN 42569 is distinguished in two types:
Type A (without switches) und Type B (with one or two NO/NC limit switches).

Magnetic oil level indicator 42569 type A

  • Radial float movement
  • Magnetic clutch
  • Temperature range between -25 °C and +110 °C
  • UV-resistant gauge glass

Magnetic oil level indicator 42569 type B (MOLC)

  • Available with radial (MOLCA) or axial (MOLCB) float movement
  • Magnetic clutch to transfer the float movement
  • UV-resistant gauge glass
  • Resettable max. indicator
  • Optional limit contacts
  • Temperature range between -25 °C and +110 °C
DIN 42569 Type B DIN 42569 Type A
 Magnetischer Ölstandsanzeiger 42569 Form B MOLC  Magnetischer Ölstandsanzeiger 42569 Form A

The float is made of a closed cell foam PMI (Rohacell). This foam is resistant to mineral oil and other commonly used insulating liquids for transformers. Due to the closed structure the function is also guaranteed in case of damaged float.

The body is made of die-casted aluminium and coated with a corrosion resistant powder coating (RAL 7033; others on request).

The magnetic oil level indicator meets the requirements of DIN 42569 and EN 50216-5.

For further detailed information please find our brochures for download below.

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