Pressure Relief Device Valve MPRV for Transformers

Our pressure relief device valve MPRV is flanged to the transformer tank. If the pressure in the transformer rises above a pre-set pressure between 30 - 70 kPa, the valve opens and the overpressure releases. After decline, the cover of the MPRV closes again leaktight. The pressure relief device valve MPRV is available in two sizes MPRV-50 and MPRV-80, equipped upon request with either one or two NO or NC contacts, as well as another type MPRD without any contacts. All types have a visual indicator.

Pressure relief valve MPRV - working principle

The working principle of transformer pressure relief device MPRV is very simple. If pressure arises inside a transformer and exceeds a pre-set pressure limit, the pressure safety valve MPRV opens its valve clap, which is held by a spring and releases the internal pressure until it declines. After decrease of the pressure, the pressure valve clap moves back to its origin position and closes completely. Normally, the pressure relief device will be mounted on top of the transformer. Due to internal faults, it is suggested to have such pressure relief valves to protect the transformer and release arising pressure quite suddenly.

You benefits at a glance

  • Pressure relief of increasing pressure
  • Protected internal mechanism
  • Directioned oil drainage
  • Corrosion resistant coating
  • Adjustable pressure between 30 - 70 kPa
  • Temperature range: -25 °C / +100 °C
  • Visual operation indicator
  • Especially moulded seals
  • Differenz sizes

For further detailed information please refer to pressure relief valve MPRV brochure below.

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