Transformer Radiator Valves

Our Specialty from the Beginning

Radiator valves for transformers are used in pipelines of oil-immersed power transformers or reactor fittings. The radiator valves enable a replacement of components without the necessity of removing any insulating liquid. The main advantage compared to other valves is the compact and cost-efficient construction. Our valves are designed in accordance with EN 50216-8 (DIN 42560).
Leakproofness and durability are the key success factors of our transformer radiator valves for transformers. Each valve is routine tested individually and either produced as an wafer flange radiator valve B or for being welded onto transformer tank as radiator valve type A.
For special transformer valve requirements each transformer valve is available with a soft-sealed clap. Type A OR and B OR valves don't show any leakage while vacuum or overpressure will be applied due to the O-ring sealing.

Transformers Radiator Valves - Overview

Your benefits at a glance

  • The transformer valve bodies are made of forged steel. This guarantees absolute leak tightness in operation condition.
  • The solid clap ensures minimum leakage and prevents accidental operation by means of its offset position.
  • The setting device with the isolated concept of thrust member and screw prevents leakage for lifetime.
  • Best quality from a leading manufacturer of radiator valves for transformers
Mounting example for transformer radiator valves welding and wafer type:
          A / A OR                             B / B OR
Assembly radiator valve din 42560 type A           Assembly radiator valve din 42560 type B

Both transformer radiator throttle valves are available either as metal-sealed type (42560 A and B) or as soft-sealed type (42560 A OR and B OR).


Transformer Radiator Valves for Offshore-Applications

Depending on customer requirements, our transformer radiator valves type B and B OR can be equipped for harshest conditions as follows:

Metal sealed transformer valves 42560 type A and B   

For the metal-sealed radiator butterfly valves for transformers, we reach a very high sealing through the use of appropriate metal combination and excellent production precision. Due to the metal sealed clap a very little leakage is allowable. Radiator Butterfly valves with metal sealing are not subject to change of tightness through aging. With our many years of experience our metal sealed valves reach much lower leakage rates than allowed.

Soft sealed radiator valve 42560 type A OR and B OR

The O-ring sealed transformer radiator valves are oil- and vacuumtight because of their O-Ring-sealing around the internal clap. The outline dimensions correspond to DIN 42560 as well as EN 50216-8. Modification of the flanges according to customer request is possible.
All designs are available with a valve housing made of stainless steel AISI 316L (1.4404) upon request. We are a leading german manufacturer of radiator valves for transformers and put a lot of efforts in continuously developing special designs matched with customers requirements.
For detailed information, please refer to our brochure below with all the necessary information. 

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