Historie of Albert Maier GmbH


Third Generation


Our company now run as an independent family business in the third generation. Together with our strong partners, we are looking forward to continuing this task!


Maier Group


The companies Albert Maier GmbH, Mibos and Makrosam merge into a global group, the "Maier Group".


Expansion Production Areas


We duplicated our area of production as well in Germany as in Istanbul in 2014. As long-term investment we will expand production possibilities and capacity in Germany to meet the demand of shortened delivery times and increasing customisation. In Istanbul we will gather the various locations at a single manufacturing base in order to concentrate expertise and processing.


Expansion Product-Portfolio


With the aim of extending our product portfolio in the field of accessories for oil-immersed distribution transformers we established the joint venture company Makrosam. This latest member of our network produces accessories such as tap changers, bimetal thermometers, oil level indicators, or Buchholz relays and is run by a team of skilled experts.


Subsidiary Mibos is growing steadily


Since its foundation Mibos has become a valuable company with a skilled workforce of more than 45 employees today. With the aim of incorporating the large amount of sand casting iron parts in our own production our subsidiary acquired majority shares of a sand casting foundry in Istanbul. Today this company guarantees our demands of all grey cast iron parts that we’re processing.


Establishment of Mibos


Together with our production manager Orhan Şamlıoğlu, who has been working with us for many years, we established our first subsidiary Mibos in Istanbul. The close cooperation secures the steady and high quality of components within our range of production. Today the company is managed by the Şamlıoğlu family and enables our principle of high production intensity.


Second Generation


The Company was continued by second generation when Albert Maier retired. Günter Maier and his sister Ingrid Beyerle founded Albert Maier GmbH and continued business with the aim of further development of established products and the expansion of export share which accounted already more than 75% of turnover at that time.


Reconstruction Company Building


Foundation of Albert Maier GmbH


Albert Maier founded the company when AEG, former German manufacturer of power transformers, built their first production lines in nearby Stuttgart.


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