Transformer Protection Devices

Reliable Protection for Your Transformers!

Transformer protection devices respond reliable in case of occuring failures and help to determine or prevent serious damages. Depending on the transformer type and application, different protection devices are commonly used. The devices are equipped with switches to either give an alarm signal or, in case of a serious failure, to switch off the transformer.

The transformer protection / safety devices have been designed to work reliable and durable under most difficult conditions. Therefore our device come with a premium UV- and corrosion resistant (up to C5-M in accordance with ISO 12944).
The switch elements have been designed completely separated from the oil circuit to prevent leakage and to make maintenance easy in buil-in operation condition.

Transformer protection devices at a glance

We are a manufacturer of transformer safety devices for transformers and put a lot of efforts in continuously developing special designs matched with customers requirements.

For furhter detailed information, please refer to our brochures which are listed on product sites.