Transformer Dehydrating Breather Type L

The dehydrating breather type L is used to dry the intake air of transformers.
If the operating temperature of the transformer drops, air will be sucked in through the oil container, cleaned of dirt particles and subsequently dried by the silica gel inside the assembly groups B1 and B2 (optional).
The oil trap prevents any permanent contact between the silica gel and the moist ambient air and also filters the inflowing air. If the temperature rises, air is expelled from the conservator and flows through the transformer dehydrating breather type L in the opposite direction. The size of the dehydrating breather which has to be used depends on the oil volume and the frequency of the air exchange.
Transformer dehydrating breather type L consists of at least one upper part (B1) and the oil trap (OV). Depending on the requirements, further intermediate parts (B2) can be added which are filled with 1.2 kg of silica gel each.Upon requestthe connection parts are available in A4 stainless steel.

Transformer deyhdrating breather type L sizes

  • 42562 L1 (1,2 kg Silica gel)
  • 42562 L2 (2,4 kg Silica gel)
  • 42562 L3 (3,6 kg Silica gel)
  • 42562 L4 (4,8 kg Silica gel)
  • 42562 L5 (6 kg Silica gel)

Dehydrating Breather Type L Corrosion Resistant Version „SL

We also offer transformer dehydrating breathers as corrosion resistant version with aluminium housing as well UV-resistant C5-M powder coating. For more detailed benefits, kindly refer to benefits at a glance below.

Your benefits at a glance

  • 40% less weight through aluminium parts
  • Highly corrosive and UV-resistant C5-M powder coating.
  • Connection parts: Available in stainless steel A2 or A4
  • Cylinder and oil container: Glass or acrylic glass

Please note that standard delivery is without flange (item 5) and silica gel.
For further information, please refer to the downloads below.

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