Thermometerpocket Type A1

The Thermometer Pocket Type A1 is designed to be welded in the top cover of oil immersed transformers. The case 1 DIN 42554 is manufactured out of one metal piece (deep drawing process). This guarantees absolute oil-tightness. The Bimetal Thermometer MBT with G 1" connection thread can be screwed into the thermometer pocket.
The Thermometer Pocket Type A1 corresponds to EN 50216-4:2015 Type A1 as well as to IEC 60076-22-7:2020 Type A1.
Thermometerpocket is suitable with our Bimetal thermometer MBT.

Thermometer pocket T for transformers

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 Standard  C10E2C (1.1122)
Upon request  X2CrNiMo17-12-2 (1.4404) | AISI 316L
 1  Gasket  33 x 39 x 3 / Hecker Centellen WS 3820


 Locking Screw

 Standard  G 1" DIN 910 galv. Zn. (Cr-VI free)
 Upon request  A4-70

Thermometerpocket type A1 - special design

Case 1: Sloping 45°, for use of O-ring 28 x 4 instead of packing washer 2 DIN 42554
Stop screw 3 / Material: PA 6 with external square SW 22, aluminium, painted RAL 7033, stainless steel, A2 quality.


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