Oil Level Indicators for Transformers

Our oil level indicators for transformers are used for hermetically sealed and for distribution transformers with expansion tank. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
The oil level indicator displays if air bubbles have remained in the transformer, if gas has been generated because of an internal failure or if there is a leakage at the transformer tank. Depending on the oil level indicator type, the oil level can be displayed either directly or by means of a leakage-proof magnetic clutch. We have types with vertical float movement for the use on transformer covers or types for the horizontal use at expansion tanks in program. Float movement of the oil level gauges for power transformers as well distribution transformers with expansion tank can be either radial or axially chosen.

Oil level indicator types for transformers

We are a leading german manufacturer of oil level gauges for transformers and put a lot of efforts in continuously developing special designs matched with customers requirements.

For more detailed information, please refer to the respective brochures on the product pages.

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