Transformer Oil Drain Device Type C2

The oil drain device Type C2 is used for oil sampling or emptying the transformer tank. The device is welded into the transformer case. The device is designed for use together with connection pipe F DIN 42551 for draining the transformer case for regeneration purpose of the oil.
The oil drain device Type C2 is deisgned in accordance with EN 50216-4:2002 type C2.

Transformer oil drain device type C2

  • NW 22 (DIN 42551 A22)
  • NW 31 (DIN 42551 A31)
  • NW 40 (DIN 42551 A40)

Socket B of size NW22 is produced by a deep-drawing process. This guarantees absolute leak tighntess. The stop plug is made of EN-GJL-200 grey cast iron (upon request in A4 stainless steel), while the stop screw is made of brass. We offer the oil drain either as standard type (Type A) or soft-sealing type (Type A OR). An O-ring is attached to the soft-sealing design for redundant sealing.

Oil Drain Device Type C2 A OR

The oil drain device Type A OR is a consistent development of the well-proved DIN 42551.The built-in O-ring prevents accumulation of oil in the stop plug.The function of the connection pipe F DIN 42551 is completely preserved. The oil drain device type A OR is available in the same sizes like 42551 A:  A22 OR / A31 OR / A40 OR. Advantage is the additionaly safety against leakage, as well as no oil in stop plug, which prevents contamination when the cap will be removed.
                   Standard Type                                  O-ring Type

ZG 42551 A neue version conus ZG 42551 A neue version

For measures and weights please see our info on DIN 42551. All special designs like as in DIN 42551 are available.
 Rated Power (kVA)  Tightening torque screw and cap 
22           ≤ 800    60 Nm
31    800 < Sr ≤ 3150   100 Nm
40          > 3150   120 Nm

Connection Pipe F in Accordance With DIN 42551

The connection pipe is a maintenance-tool to connect the oil drain device typ C2 to an extern oil-system. The connection pipe is manufactured in two sizes and can be reduced from NW 31 to NW 22 or from NW 40 to NW 31.
ZG Connection pipe 42551 F

  Connection Pipe  
 Nominal Width 
 Thread d13 
Thread d14   
   L1       L2      Z   
 F 22/31 DIN 42551 22    M 48 x 1,5    M 33 x 1,5   145   260   11
 F 31/40 DIN 42551 31    M 60 x 2    M 48 x 1,5   180   270   17
F 31 DIN 42551 31    M 48 x 1,5            -   145   260   17
F 40 DIN 42551 40    M 60 x 2            -   180   295   17
Accessory parts to connect tubes to the outlet:
  • Reduction M60 x 2 to 1 ½" internal thread.
  • Reduction M48 x 1,5 to 1" internal thread.

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