Pressure Relief Device Valves for Transformers

Transformer pressure relief device valve for liquid-immersed transformers open in case of an internal fault and guarantee that the occured overpressure can properly release. Pressure relief device valves for transformers close with decreasing pressure back to completely closed and leaktight position. Pressure relief device valves for transformers can be installed in any position or inclination on the cover or the wall of a transformer. Upon request a transformer can be equipped with several pressure relief valves. The pressure relief valves are tested for operating pressure. We offer either pressure relief device valve PRD with thread connection G1", G1 1/2" or G2" or for larger applications, we additionally offer transformer pressure relief valve MPRV which can be equipped with electrical contacts.

Transformer Pressure relief valve - working principle

The working principle of transformer pressure relief device is very simple. If pressure arises inside a transformer and exceeds a pre-set pressure limit, the pressure safety valve opens its valve clap, which is held by a spring and releases the internal pressure until it declines. After decrease of the pressure, the pressure valve clap moves back to its origin position and closes completely. Normally, the pressure relief device will be mounted on top of the transformer. Due to internal faults, it is suggested to have such pressure relief valves to protect the transformer and release arising pressure quite suddenly.

Transformer pressure relief device types

Our transformer pressure relief device valves for pressure monitoring meet the requirements in accordance with EN 50216-5 as well as IEC 60076-22-1.
Further detailed information can be found in the respective brochures on the product pages.

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